Trier 2018  •  10.-13. sept.
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Main topics:
  • Economic Statistics in the Age of Digitalisation and Globalisation
  • Semiparametric Regression Models
  • Statistical Literacy  
Special topics:
  • Bioinformatics/-statistics (U. Bodenhofer, F. Klawonn)
  • Journalrankings (U. Rendtel, M.Templ)
  • Spatial Sampling Design (W. Müller, J. Pilz)

Gumbel-Lecture: Tatyana Krivobokova
Heinz-Grohmann Lecture: Gabriele Doblhammer
Young-Academics Mini-Symposium: Nikolaus Umlauf: "Statistical Computing"
  • Labour Market and Social Security (M. Bauer, H. Meinken)
  • Education and Training (H. Friedl, U. Rockmann)
  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (R. Fried, F. Leisch)
  • Demography (R. Gisser, E. Hoffmann)
  • Empirical Economics and Applied Economics (R. Brüggemann)
  • Methodology of Statistical Surveys (T. Burg, H. Kiesl)
  • Nonparametric and Robust Statistics (A. Bathke, C. Müller)
  • Regional Statistics (L. Eichhorn, U. Oschischnig)
  • Statistics in Finance (Y. Okhrin, G. Winkler)
  • Statistics in Environmental and Engineering Science (P. Filzmoser, A. Steland)
  • Statistical Theory and Methodology (F. Futschik, H. Haupt)
  • Business and Market Statistics (H. Hudec, A. Kladroba)
  • National Accounts, Welfare Measurement, Economic Statistics (A. Braakmann, T. Url)
  • Joint ÖSG-SEIO Session (J. López-Fidalgo, M. Stehlík)
  • Care and Morbidity at Older Ages (M. Feldhaus)
  • Population Economics (B. Hammer)
  • Migration / Refugees (I. Buber-Ennser)
  • Internationale Migration: Wie geht es weiter mit Zuwanderung und Ankommen? 
  • Beobachtung und Analyse von Zuwanderung und Ankommen im Stadtraum 
Further information about the sessions of the VDSt can be found here

Tutorial: R-Pakete leicht gemacht! (B. Grün)
The German Statistical Week is jointly organized with the “Verband Deutscher Städtestatistiker“ and the “German Statistical Society for Demographics“.
Participants intending to give a talk or to present a poster are invited to submit an abstract electronically via the con- ference submission system. The submitted abstracts will undergo a reviewing process. 

The German Statistical Society supplies a limited amount of grants covering travelling costs for members younger than 35. Details can be found on the Society‘s homepage