Linz 2018  •  11. - 14. sep.
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Main topics:
  • Wirtschaftsstatistik im Zeitalter von Digitalisierung und Globalisierung
  • Semiparametric Regression Models
  • Statistical Literacy  
Special topics:
  • Bioinformatik/-statistik (U. Bodenhofer, F. Klawonn)
  • Journalrankings (U. Rendtel, M.Templ)
  • Spatial Sampling Design (W. Müller, J. Pilz)

Gumbel-Lecture: Tatyana Krivobokova
Heinz-Grohmann Lecture: Gabriele Doblhammer
Minisymposium: Nikolaus Umlauf: "Statistical Computing"
  • Labour Market and Social Security (M. Bauer, H. Meinken)
  • Education and Training (H. Friedl, U. Rockmann)
  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (R. Fried, F. Leisch)
  • Demography (R. Gisser, E. Hoffmann)
  • Empirical Economics and Applied Economics (R. Brüggemann)
  • Survey Statistics (T. Burg, P. Schmidt)
  • Nonparametric and Robust Statistics (A. Bathke, C. Müller)
  • Regional Statistics (L. Eichhorn, U. Oschischnig)
  • Statistics in Finance (Y. Okhrin, G. Winkler)
  • Statistics in Environmental and Engineering Sciences (P. Filzmoser, A. Steland)
  • Statistical Theory and Methodology (F. Futschik, H. Haupt)
  • Buisness and Market Statistics (H. Hudec, A. Kladroba)
  • National Accounts, Measurement on Welfare (A. Braakmann, T. Url)
  • Joint ÖSG-SEIO Session (J. López-Fidalgo, M. Stehlík)
Tutorial: Erweiterung von R mithilfe von Paketen (B. Grün)
The annual meetings are part of the Statistical Week which is organised in cooperation with the German Municipal Statisticians (Verband Deutscher Städtestatistiker (VDSt)) with the participation of the German Association for Demography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie).
Participants intending to give a talk or to present a poster are invited to submit an abstract electronically via the conference submission system. The submitted abstracts will undergo a reviewing process.
The German Statistical Society supplies a limited amount of grants covering travelling allowances for members younger than 35 (details can be found on the Society‘s homepage); the ÖSG for members of the FJS, see: