Rostock 2017  •  19. - 22. sep.
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Supporting Programme

Participants of the Statistical Week are getting a special offer of supporting programme, arranged by the city council of Rostock. When you are interested in definite offers, please book those at your registration of the Statistical Week. You will get a separate bill and you are asked to pay the amount until 1st September 2017. Some offers are limited. You will be informed if they are terminated.


For more information about the Hanseatic City of Rostock please visit and

Tuesday, 19th september 2017

Guided walk of the historical city center


Starting time: 6.30pm

Lasting time: 1 hour 30 min.

Expense: Euro 5,- p.p.


Meeting place: Neuer Markt, Möwenbrunnen



Get together at restaurant „Hopfenkeller“ (Kröpeliner Str. 18)

from 7pm or 8pm

On one’s own account, reserved until 31st july 2017, 100 seats limited.

Wednesday, 20th september 2017

Visiting Marine Simulation Center Warnemünde (MSCW)



Starting time: 4pm

Lasting time: 1 hour

Expense: Euro 10,- p.p.

20 persons limited


Meeting place: Richard-Wagner-Straße 31,
18119 Rostock


More information (german):



Conference Dinner


The dinner will be on invitation by DStatG, DGD, VDSt and the University of Rostock.


Starting time: 7pm

Event location: Nicholai Church, Rostock

Thursday, 21st september 2017

Shipping from Rostock to Warnemünde


Starting time: 6pm

Lasting time: 1 hour

Expense: Euro 8,- p.p.


Meeting place: Rostocker Personenschifffahrt Fa. Käpp`n Brass, quaiside at Bühne 602/ Warnowufer 55



Guided walk of seaside resort Warnemünde


Starting time: 7pm

Lasting time: 1 hour

Expense: Euro 6,- p.p.


You are picked up at the ship. A traditional guided tour is limited to 35 persons. If there are more than 35 registrations other urban guidance will be offered.


Get together (from 7pm or from 8pm)


On one’s own account, at 3 restaurants seats are reserved till 31st july 2017:

"Fischerklause" at Rostock, seaside resort Warnemünde

Am Strom 123 - 60 seats


Comfortable restaurant with marine flair at the mole of Warnemünde.


More information:


"Kettenkasten" at Rostock, seaside resort Warnemünde

Am Strom 71 - 30 seats


Nostalgic marine restaurant at the Old Channel of Warnemünde.


More information:


"Wenzel Prager Bierstuben" at Rostock, seaside resort Warnemünde

Am Bahnhof 1a - 60 seats



„Wenzel Prager Bierstuben” are located in different German cities. At seaside resort Warnemünde you directly look at the Old Channel.


More information: