Trier 2019  •  10.-13. sept.
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Session Timetable

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SectionTue 10/9Wed 11/9Thu 12/9Fri 13/9
Main Topic: Data Journalism    X   X
Plenary Session: Data Journalism (Marcel Pauly)   X
Main Topic: Environmental Statistics   X    X    
Plenary Session: Environmental Statistics (Peter Filzmoser)    X
Main Topic: Microsimulations - Applications and Methods   X    X
Plenary Session: Microsimulations - Applications and Methods (Gijs Dekkers)   X    
Main Topic: Housing    X    
Plenary Session: Housing (Marietta Ernestine Angela Haffner)    X
Gumbel Lecture: Axel Bücher    X
Heinz-Grohmann Lecture: Bernd Fitzenberger    X
Young-Academics Mini-Symposium: Philipp Otto: "Models for Spatial and Spatiotemporal Models"   X
Special Topic: Bayesian Analysis in Natural and Social Science    X   X
Special Topic: Joint DStatG & SIS - Survey Statistics    X
Education and Training   X
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis   X    X
Empirical Economics   X    X
Methodology of Statistical Surveys   X    X    X    X
Regional Statistics   X    X    X
Statistical Literacy        X
Statistics in Finance     X   X
Statistics in Natural Science and Technology    X   
Statistical Theory and Methods    X    X
Business and Market Statistics    X    X
FDZ: Recent methodological developments in the FDZ of the statistical offices of the federation and countries       X
DGD - Cause of Death Statistics: Mothodological challenges and empirical findings        X
VDSt       X
Tutorial: Small Area Estimation with R (J.P. Burgard)   X


Expected session timetable, depending on the number of submissions.
Status: August 27th, 2019