Trier 2019  •  10.-13. sept.
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Welcome to the Statistical Week 2019,

which will be held 

in Trier, September 10th-13th. 

The Statistical Week is jointly organized by the German Statistical Society (DStatG), the Chair of Economics and Social Statistics of the University of Trier under the participation of the Union of the German Municipal Statisticans (VDSt), the German Association for Demography (DGD) and the Italian Statistical Society (SIS).

This annual meeting of DStatG contains the plenary sessions being under a frame topic and a variety of contributed sessions and meetings of the sections. Further, it includes a festive event for the 50th anniversary of statistical studies, the Gumbel lecture, which is held by a young statistician, the Heinz-Grohmann lecture and a mini symposium, which is also organised by a young statistician. The approximately 500 participants of the Statistical Week come from many different areas of statistics.

The DStatG grants 10 travel allowances for lecturing members within the scope of the statistical week (35 years max, see

Further information about the Statistical Week 2019 can be found in the Call for Papers.

The call for abstracts of the German Association for Demography can be found here.